In Which Madeline Inherited My Math Skills

The following conversation indicates that Madeline inherited my math skills.

Madeline:  Maybe the air will stay in the balloons for ONE HUNDRED WEEKS!

Me:  One hundred weeks is two years.

Madeline:  Why is one hundred weeks the same as two years?

Me:  Well, that's just what it adds up to be!  There are seven days in one week.  And there are 365 days in one year.  That means that there are 52 weeks in one year.

And 50 + another 50 = 100.  So if 52 weeks equals ONE year, that means that 100 weeks is about TWO years.  Because twice as many weeks equals twice as many years!

(long pause)

Madeline:  I don't think you're making any sense.

Me either, baby.  Me either.