If You Are A Praying Person...

...pray for us this week.   We are sneaking off to a beach for a little while, after a non-stop month of go-go-go resulting in too-tightly wound parents and some seriously swollen feet and fingers for this girl. 

Here's the thing though - at the end of the week I'll officially be full-term.  I am going to be hours from my hospital and my doctor FULL TERM with my second child.  Guys, this baby could come any day (especially if this back pain and pelvic pressure is any indication).  I had Madeline at 38 weeks.

My OB knows I'm out of town, he gave me a copy of my chart to take with me just in case, and I have an appointment scheduled as soon as I get back.  And we're bringing an extra carseat with us - just in case.   

So if you are a praying person - pray that we don't have this baby until we get home!  (I mean, while you're at it you could pray for July 26th - 30th.  I like July 26th - 30th.) 

Thanks!  I've scheduled posts for this whole week - so there will be fresh content here while we're gone.  I won't be linking anything to Facebook though, so if you're not a follower of the blog itself, now is a good time to start!  Just click that little orange RSS button in the top right corner of the page - on the green bar. 

Now I'm off to clean my house and get my bags (beach AND hospital) packed!

Viva vacation!