Hold On To Your Hats (Giveaway Week!)

Starting this Monday (July 2), I am hosting a week-long giveaway event. A WEEK-LONG GIVEAWAY EVENT.

Here's a peek at a few of the things coming your way.

And because you know you want custom bags, custom dresses, custom blogs, custom mugs, and all manner of beautiful and monogrammed things, here is the giveaway schedule.

Monday: Jewelry day Tuesday: Kids day Wednesday: Design Day Thursday: Home Day Friday: Living Day

(Each day will have at least two winners.)

Tie a string around yo' finger, sharpie it onto your forehead, post-it note it all over your refrigerator, or schedule it into your Blackbery - do whatever you have to do to remember to stop by and enter!

**Also, I'd like to add an addendum (redundant?) to my Blog Promises from yesterday:  I will never give away a product or service that I do not personally, genuinely enjoy and that does not reflect the tone and feel of this blog.  In other words, nothing lame.  Neither will I make you share this site, follow it publicly, or require you to jump through 12 flaming hoops to enter a giveaway; commenting is sufficient.**

See you next week! -Kate