Happy Happenings

In list form as per usual. 1.  This week I had the best mail-week in a long time; look what made its way to my home!

I got a brand-new T-shirt from walk in love. clothing!  I've worn it twice and received tons of compliments already.  It's a first-shirt-you-wear-out-of-the-clean-laundry kind of T-shirt.  The one you wear with your best jeans and your favorite underwear.  I think it's important that you go to their website immediately and purchase some quality shirts for yourself.  Go ahead, you're worth it.

My happy mail package also came with a disc of images from Brooke Courtney Photography - look at this shot she captured of baby Jasper!

I know, right?  Great mail-day.

2. I french-braided my own hair for the very first time this week.  This has been a new years resolution (unresolved) for at least three years, and has recently graduated to my life list.  I attempted it on a whim, celebrated, then looked in the mirror.

DRAT. It's backwards.  Or is it inside out?  (Note to self: Check first, then celebrate.  This rule of thumb applies to many a life situation.)

3. I had a free breakfast at Gibsons BBQ this morning - while a friend watched Madeline for me.

4.  I have fresh flowers on my coffee table, a sparkley clean kitchen, Girls Night went off without a hitch, and I have this little man sleeping on my shoulders.

What a delicious week.