Had I But Known

There is a long list of things I wish I'd known when I went to the hospital to have Madeline.  I remember thinking over and over again during labor (and again for the first 2 months at home):

"After ALL those conversations with old ladies, all those baby showers, all that unsolicited advice, the childbirth classes - HOW DID NOBODY TELL ME THIS??!"

We're preparing for baby #2 a little differently.  ("Be Prepared." I'm giving you the scouts sign right now, you just can't see it.)

Our registry is much different, my hospital bag will be much different, and - the point of this post - my freezer will look much, much different.

I hate cooking; I've been honest about that here more than once.  I like feeding my family, I like grocery shopping, I like eating, I even like baking; but I hate cooking.  So the VERY LAST THING I will want to do when I haven't slept for 3 months because I am too busy caring for a tiny infant and a blind preschooler, is thaw, dice, or sautee ANYTHING.  Ever.

Plan A:  Hire a full-time chef.  And a full-time maid. Plan B:  Teach Dan to cook in 3 months.  (This is even more hilarious than Plan A.) Plan C:  Freeze dozens of meals so we don't have to survive on frozen lasagna and hamburger helper.

We are skipping straight to Plan C here, folks.

SO, here's where I ask for your input.  What are your very favorite recipes (that freeze well)?  If your momma makes the best meatloaf, I want to hear about it.  I want all your potluck specialties, all your favorite soups.  Stuffed shells and barbeques.  Seriously, if you can freeze it, I want to know about it.  The well-being of my family is in your hands...

(You can comment with your recipes, post links to favorites, or stick them in a message.  I will love you all equally.)