Gross Pregnant Words

Why does pregnancy terminology have to sound so gross? Last week a friend asked me how my ultrasound went, and I had to say the word "placenta" like 4 times.  The word  just sounds gross and sloppy coming out of my mouth - it's the "pluh" that kills me.  "Pluh-centa."

My placenta is positioned such that I'm not feeling a ton of movement - because the placenta is acting as a little buffer, absorbing some of the bumps and kicks.  And my placenta is also low-lying, so they're going to do an extra ultrasound in a few weeks to make sure my placenta has moved out of the way.

All I need now is for the doctors to start talking about my yolk sack.  Oh my gosh, I'm seriously going to be sick.

On the upside - I'm in that glorious second trimester place, and I feel invincible!  No nausea, no fatigue, no waddle (yet).  My nesting instinct has kicked in, which has inspired me to refurnish 5 pieces of furniture and redecorate three rooms in our house.  I color-coordinated our bookshelves.  I've made three trips to Wal-Mart for paint.  And I'm constantly aware that all the while there is a person living inside of me.  Most days I feel a little like this:

"I have laundry going, I'm shopping so furiously that I'm breaking a sweat, I have 37 working lists jotted down in my notebook, I COOK, I CLEAN, I REFURNISH - AAANNNND I'M PREGNANT.  Today I grow kidneys, tomorrow - lungs!  Take THAT Gloria Steinem!"

Every now and then Dan will come home and say, "Should you be doing that?"  To which I respond, "It's a baby, not a disease!"   (Then he checks to make sure all the paint is lead-free and that I'm in a sufficiently ventilated area; he rolls his eyes and leaves me to it.)  Today he was all - "Why don't you go out and take a little time for yourself while Madeline is at school?"  And I was all "Because I'm going GROCERY SHOPPING, and then I'm going to plan Girls Night, and then I'm going to paint more furniture, and then I'm going to run for president!"

Seriously, if you want energy and motivation and optimism - just get pregnant.  (Full disclosure: It works for like a month-and-a-half.  Then you'll want to hunt me down and strangle me in my sleep for recommending the most mentally and physically exhausting task ever to give you energy.  Consider yourself duly warned.)  But you'd think that by now science would have a way of packaging this hormonal, psychological nesting thing into a pill.  Can we put someone on that?  Thanks.

And do you ever marvel about everyday things?  You know, something just strikes you and it's like you're hearing about it for the very first time.  I feel that way about phones sometimes.  "It can do what??? I just push some combination of numbers and my mom can HEAR MY VOICE in real time, from a kajillion miles away? "  The internet is the same way - I mean, what is it?  And the way Madeline's heart has been beating steadily, every minute of every day, keeping her with us for more than 3 years now.  And that DAN'S heart is still beating - that same old heart that was beating long before I even knew him.

I feel that same kind of marvel about pregnancy.  There is a human growing inside of me.  A human with his own DNA, his own fingerprints, his own everything.  He is intrinsically different from anyone else in our family - from anyone else in the world.  His personality is all his own - and we just have to wait around to see what he's like.  But I'm growing him in my uterus right now.  IS THAT NOT INSANE??  We decided we wanted another baby, so we just made one.

I can understand (a little bit) why God loved his creation - why He said it was very good.   The things that He knows about the workings of space, earth, and oceans.  About our super-complicated bodies - it's brilliance!  I love that God is Creator; and I love the pursuit of science - the overwhelming desire to understand everything.  To be able to watch how things work - that is certainly worth delighting in.

And pregnancy is awesome.  It's fascinating to watch my body do what it was made to do.  I'm okay with a few stretch marks and some weight-gain, because my body is doing this awesome, awesome thing; it's making little humans.  Humans that I get to know and love and care for.  Go body, go!  Do yo' thang.

So that's the pregnancy update.  Oh, and I'm craving burgers.  Big, chargrilled burgers - pink in the center and piled high with lettuce and tomato and all manner of condiments.  Every single day.