Gone to Carolina in My Mind...

...And body. I'm here to assure you that WE'RE NOT DEAD (thanks to everyone for your emails/messages/comments of great concern)!!!  To recap: not dead, but we have been a leeetle busy for the last few weeks, traveling among other things.

SO.  Without further ado, I bring you the first of several "Carolina posts!"  (I'm particularly excited to share with you my first experience euthanizing sea creatures.  Get excited.)

We spent last week in my home sweet home: Raleigh, North Carolina.   Dan knocked out a class in three days, and whilst he was studying his tush off, Madeline and I hung out with my Dad.  Pretty nice arrangement, no?

The 10-hour drive was bearable for two reasons:

1. Madeline is a ROCK STAR of a traveler.

2. In celebration of NC, this was our sustenance for the ride.

Isn't it beautiful?  The Bojangles in North Carolina are better than the Bojangles elsewhere.  Don't even roll your eyes at me - I know the Raleigh folks hear me on this.  The same folks who drove 80mph to make it to Bo's and back during our 40-minute off-campus lunch period in high school.  The same folks who went to eat at Bo's instead of some five-star place downtown before our winterfest formal.  Oh dear, I'm craving fries in a SERIOUS WAY.  Dear Moses, I'm drooling.  (I also realized on our last day there that we'd not eaten at Cookout yet.  Dan "volunteered," with just a tad of "encouragment" [read manipulation] from me and Dad, to drive over there at 9:30pm and bring us some Cheddar-style burgers.  Bless his soul.)

Let me mop up my saliva and get back to the point.

And the point is this:  I love North Carolina.

I got that loopy stomach feeling as we pulled into town - the feeling you get when you see someone on the street that you're not over - the butterflies.  And you can't tell if you're terrified or nostalgic or turned on or stressed out or sad or nervous...but you are most certainly loopy.

I am not over you, North Carolina.

To be continued...