Giveaway Week, Day 1

**Update:  The winner of the Stone Feather Hoops is Kathy M. and the winner of the Byzantine bracelet is Kelcy W.  Congratulations, ladies!  I'll be contacting you via the email address you provided, and soon you'll have brand new jewelry on it's way to your mailbox.  Enjoy and wear it well!** Welcome to Jewelry Day Giveaway!

Today I'm giving away 2 pieces to 2 different winners!

1. Stone Feather Hoop Earrings

These super-thin hoops featuring peacock-colored stones are courtesy of Hannah at Gorgeous Georgia on Etsy.   You can visit the rest of her shop here.  (She has some really cool coral ones like this, plus some spunky, colorful little studs that I love.)

I almost got carried away on polyvore with some awesome 4-inch pumps, but then I remembered I have kids.  Realistically, I'd pair them with something like this:


SAHM in cobalt, green, and gold.
Jeans that don't show stains, no long necklaces, and shoes I can stay upright in while carrying a car seat.  Moms make it happen.

2.  Byzantine Bronze Link Bracelet

This bronze beaut is from Paula of Flutterby Kisses on Etsy.  You can visit the rest of her shop here.   (This piece is my favorite of hers, and Paula was kind enough to donate it - a $40 value.  I love all things metallic, and this seems to be the perfect mix of industrial and feminine.  I keep describing it to people as snake-y and braid-y and something a Greek goddess would wear.)
I love bronze, and as it is summer, would wear it with something like this:
SAHM in bronze, orange, and teal
But the truth is, if you win them, you can wear them however the heck you want!

Here's how to enter:

1. Just comment on this post!  This serves as your entry to win either of these pieces.  (There will be two winners.)  See?  No flaming hoops to jump through.

2. If you choose, you can submit one additional entry per item.

*To submit an extra entry for the Stone Feather Hoops, like Gorgeous Georgia on Facebook (here) and leave a separate comment saying that you did so.

*To submit an extra entry for the Byzantine Bracelet, like Flutterby Kisses on Facebook (here) and leave a separate comment saying that you did so.

If you choose to submit extra entries for both pieces, you will have left a total of 3 comments on the post (which is the maximum).

Cool?  Yes, cool.

Good luck!  I will select the winners randomly at midnight tonight and announce the winners tomorrow morning!  When the comments box prompts you to leave your email address, make sure you enter one that you check regularly so that I can reach you if you win!

Be nice and spread the word to your jewelry-loving friends, and come back tomorrow for the Kids Day giveaway, featuring a custom dress and some of the best music out there for kiddos.

Have browsing the shops, and good luck!  Long live fashion! Kate