Today I get to give away a beautiful set of handcrafted stationery from Puddleduck Paper Co.!

So pretty, right?

Last week my friend Cindy tweeted,

For real.  In 2006, a handwritten card changed the course of my entire life.

**Full disclosure:  This is not a sentimental story about how I was touched by a piece of thoughtful, handwritten mail, so if you're a Chicken Soup for the Soul kind of person, you'll be disappointed here today.  This is a story about how I manipulated my husband into proposing to me instead of breaking up with me.

Dan Conner is a catch.  He proposed to me on our first date, then we ate every single dessert item off the menu.  We dated for a year, and in my brain it was butterflies and rainbows and unicorns the whole time - then he dumped me.

I don't remember the details exactly, but I know I definitely did not write him a nine page note that was a thinly veiled plea to reconsider.  Just like I definitely did not tell him dramatically and through tears to never speak to me ever, ever again.  Nope, I was very cool about the whole thing.

Just about the time I got around to dating his old roommate, Dan came to my window and professed his undying love for me and groveled at my feet for forgiveness (there might be a little bit of revisionist history going on here), and we agreed to give it a second shot.

We soon hit our second first-rough-patch, and in a very cool, non-controlling, low-maintenance way I said to myself, "I WILL NOT LET THIS MAN GO AGAIN."  (My eyes were not glowing red when I said this.)  I grabbed my box o' cards that was stashed under my bed, my favorite pen, and went to town.  The card had a bulldog on the front (because Dan is a UGA fan) and I filled that puppy up from top to bottom with the most chipper, upbeat, glowing encouragements I could think of.  I was momentarily transformed into a cheerleader cracked out on Prozac and speed.

I was all, "You are amazing.  You are the best person at your whole job.  You are going to change the world.  I believe in you.  George Clooney wishes he were as good-looking as you."

But you know what?  The day he got that card he was a little more optimistic, so we laughed a little more. And the next day we laughed a little more.  And the day after that we laughed a lot.  And then a year and half later, we were married.  

Moral of the story:  You need Puddleduck's cards so you won't die alone and friendless.  Encouragement matters!

Seriously though, keeping in touch is one of my New Year's Resolutions, and Puddleduck's chic stationery is a super-personal way to do that.  The owner/designer, Mattie, is an incredibly beautiful, stylish girl - she glows.  And all of that warmth and glow-y-ness comes out in her work.

Mattie designs custom save the dates, wedding invitations, party invitations (I'm roping her in to make some awesome ones for Sam's first), business identities, and of course, very hip cards.

So here's how to enter the giveaway!

Just comment. That's it, no hoops to jump through.  You can comment with thoughts on Dan's and my courtship, a snail mail story of your own, share something pretty that inspires you, your favorite way to express love, or just write "pick me! pick me!"

You may enter as many as 3 times:

  • First with any comment
  • Second by liking Puddleduck Paper Co. on Facebook  (click here)
  • And third by browsing the Puddleduck shop and sharing which creation you like best!  (I like these, and these, and these.  Look at all the custom colors they come in!)

If you decide to submit the extra entries, be sure to come back here and comment to let me know you've done them!

The winner will receive a full set of those awesome "You are Loved" cards (pictured above).  I'll select a winner randomly next Thursday, April 5th, at 8:00pm (central time, because this is my blog and I do as I please), so you have a week to check it out.

So make your mom's day.

Reconnect with a far-away friend.

Leave a note on someone's desk.

Or if you're like me, snag the man of your dreams.

Happy commenting!