No, this is not a post about that totally ridiculous Rebecca Black song.  Unrelated.  You're welcome. Earlier in the week, Madeline and I were reviewing weekdays.  When I asked her, "What comes after Thursday?"  she took me by surprise when shouted:

"Friday, Oh!!!  That's when we get to eat fries!!!"

"Oh really?  Who told you that?"

"Well, nobody did.  I just thought it in my head."

"Oh, okay."

"SO CAN WE EAT FRIES!?!?!?!" (6 octaves higher and 6 decibels louder)


"Eh, sure."  (On this issue Mommy doesn't need much convincing.)

Friday was lovely picnic weather, too.

Yes, that is Polynesian sauce on her nose.   Now that's a tough Friday to beat.