For Your Viewing Pleasure

A roundup of the videos I've been enjoying this week: You will cry from laughing

1. My cousin-friend T.J. made this video to audition for the part of best man at his "brother-friend's" wedding.  I cannot stop watching it.  "Goood Morning VietNAAAAAAM, to the wedding of Nick and Lindsey....One time Nick put Icy-Hot on his armpits!" [Here]

2.  German film director Werner Herzog reads Where's Waldo.  Totally ridiculous and fun, especially if you loved the books as a child.  (Or, let's be honest, love them now.)   "Ver to begin.  Top left cornah."  [Here]

You will cry because you are human and have a heart

1. "The hemoncology floor of Seattle Children's Hospital performs Kelly Clarkson's song 'Stronger.'"  Completely adorable, but also, perspective.  Health might be the easiest thing to take for granted; thankful that hospital stays are not a daily, long-term reality for my children.  Also, how awesome are these nurses?  Thankful for my friends who spend their lives caring for sick kiddos that aren't their own.  [Here]

2. I don't know if this will serve to make me purchase more P&G products, or even watch the Olympics, but it definitely served to make me cry.  That tiny little blonde girl waking up in the morning is my Madeline.  And the laundry, lawd the laundry.  [Here]

3.  A beautiful singer/songwriter battling chronic Lyme disease sings one of her songs.  A few things about this:  1. She's beautiful.  2. Her voice is beautiful.  3. The song is beautiful.  4. And my favorite part of the video is that, because Alisa is so sincere, you can see her exhaustion, her sickness, and her discouragement - then she starts playing the piano.  She lights up; she's transformed.  An artist for sure, beautiful, creative soul.  Song begins at 2:20  [Here]

More stuff to look at

1. Loved this article at Rachel Held Evans, "Why Smorgasboard Christianity is Good for Kids." [Here]

"You can’t expect kids to just fall into a faith tradition or “find God for themselves”—I mean, you can do that, but I think it makes faith unnecessarily difficult. Sure, some kids learn how to read by themselves, but most kids need a teacher. Likewise, some kids might find God all on their own, but most kids (heck, most adults!) need someone pointing the way. A faith practice is one of those things that must be passed on, handed down."

2. And this one at Jeff Goins Writer, "The Shocking Truth About Launching A Writing Career."  Which applies to all of life, not just writing.  [Here]

"So the most ignored secret to becoming a real writer, the shocking truth about turning pro, is this..." 

3. And finally, a brilliant project that makes me thankful to live in the melting pot that is the USA.  The video here is fantastic.  [Here]

Whatever you want to call it, Stanton, 28, has been walking the streets of New York for hours every day for a year and a half, taking pictures of the city’s people for his Humans of New York project. He estimates that he has shot about 4,000 portraits over that time, and heard as many stories. He calls it a "photographic census" of the city. 

 Have you found any cool stuff on the interweb lately?