She is the authority on so many things. Madeline On Proper English

Madeline:  What is this?

Me:  That's one of Sam's toys; it's like a balloon.

Madeline:  Is it a balloon, or is it like a balloon?


Me:  Come here, let me button you up!

Madeline:  Are you buttoning me up or are you buttoning up my sweater?

Me:  ...

 Madeline On Fashion

 Madeline: What color is your dress?

Me: Black.

Madeline: You look like a ninja!

In my head: I was going for Gwyneth Paltrow.


Madeline: Look at me!

Me:  You dressed up!  I thought we were playing circus.

Madeline: Well Mommy, it's  FANCY circus.


Madeline:  What's on your head?

Me: I have Kleenexes in my ears because I just put in my ear drops.

Madeline:  You look beautiful!

Madeline On Stealth

Madeline: Come fiiiiiind me!

Madeline  On Ingenuity

Me: Where is your corndog?

Madeline: In it's holder.

Me: Oh.

Madeline On Music

Madeline: I'm going to play Twinkle Little Star in D.

Me: Okay.

Madeline: DD AA BB A GG, sharp F sharp F...

Me: It's called F sharp.

Madeline:  Well, I call it a sharp F.

Me: ...okay.

Madeline On Comfort

Me:  Do you want to take off your coat?

Madeline:  No.

Madeline On Courage

Me: Madeline, where are you going?

Madeline:  To order.

She is quite a young lady, this one.