I have a theory that Madeline is an old soul - that she is only pretending to be three.  The following conversations from this week support my theory.

"Madeline, eat your sandwich.  The ham has protein in it."

"What does protein do?"

"It makes you feel full, so you're not hungry anymore.  And it's good for your muscles."

"Does steak have protein in it?"

*sigh* "Yes, it is a meat, but we are not having steak for lunch.  Eat your ham."

"So chicken has protein, too?  And turkey?"

"Yes.  Eat your ham."

"What else has protein in it?"

"Eggs.  Eat your ham."

"Brownies have eggs in them!!!  So brownies have protein!  Can I have some brownies for lunch?"

*sigh* "After your ham."

It's tough to argue with that logic.


And this one, on the way to the pediatrician this week:

"Mommy, where in the world is it night time?"

"In Asia."

"Oh, in China and Korea.  Because they are next to each other."

"Uh, yes."  (I totally looked that up when I got home to see if she was right.  Geography is not my strong suit.)

"...Does daddy's friend live in North Korea or South Korea?"

"South Korea.  Wait, how do you know about the Koreas???"

*sigh* "I don't know, I just do."