Delilah is the Dairy Queen of Radio Show Hosts

I mentioned last month that Dan is fluent in Sports Analogies.  photo SportsAnalogies.png

Dan has illustrations for his illustrations.  English is his second language; his heart language is analogies.  As Exhibit A, I give you the following conversation we had on the way to the beach last week.

Me: You know you're getting old when you think Delilah plays good music.  I hate Delilah.

Dan: Does anyone like Delilah?

Me: No.

Dan: Where is her presence?  Do mommy bloggers talk about her?

Me: No, nobody talks about her.  Nobody likes Delilah.

Dan: Delilah is like the Dairy Queen of radio show hosts.

Me: ...

... what?

Dan:  Delilah is the Dairy Queen of radio show hosts.  She doesn't move the meter.  She's just there.  Everybody knows her, but nobody talks about listening to her.  She is ever-present and irrelevant.  Like Dairy Queen.  When someone brings it up, you have an opinion, but otherwise you never think about it.


Dairy Queen, I am so sorry to inform you that you are the Delilah of the fast food world.  Feel free to forward this to your PR people right before you fire them.