Crazy August

I love August.  For us, it's a month of celebration! August 1:  Happy Birthday Dan!

We met Dan's parents for dinner and dessert on Friday, Dan and I went on a date Saturday (sans baby), and we did presents on Sunday.  He's a pretty cool guy, so we celebrate all week.  On Saturday, I picked up this present from Dan's sister:

The icing to cupcake ratio on each of these is about 4:1, and they are divine! So far, the "Top Hat" is a favorite.  Devils Food cupcake, cream cheese frosting, with chocolate ganache on top!  The Strawberry Shortcake one is pretty good too...

This month we'll also celebrate three more birthdays, (one of which is mine, and I am accepting gifts), and two anniversaries!  Dan's parents chose to get married in August because it was far away from every holiday; a month all their own.  Then they had their daughter, Sandy, in August.  Next they had Dan in August.  Then Sandy married Josh - whose birthday is in August. When Dan and I started dating, they said, "You can marry her as long as she wasn't born in August!"

He married me anyway - ON AUGUST 29th.

So the once-quiet month is now full of dinners and parties and presents, and we love it that way!  (Although sometimes our bank accounts don't.)  So happy August!  Bring on the festivities!