Commenting Policy

Just so it's out there: 1. Remember that the audience here is diverse.

I love this about my readers.  There are people here of all ages, races, religious beliefs, etc. etc. etc.  Keep this in mind when you comment; be more aware & careful with your words than you’d be in a room full of people that are just like you.  Name-calling and disrespect won't fly.

2. Remember that readers are real people, with feelings and all.

Sometimes, the internet makes us more assertive and aggressive (read: rude and mean) than we’d be in real life.  The anonymity of sitting behind computer screens lowers our inhibitions, and it's easy to launch insults at usernames. Remind yourself that each username is a person, and treat them as such. If you wouldn’t say it in real life, don’t say it on the internet.

3. Discuss, disagree, argue, be passionate, be an activist - but be nice.  

If your comment is incendiary, detracting from the focus and feel of the post, or Debbie Downer-ing the discussion, it will probably get deleted.   You can disagree with content all day long, but personal attacks are not cool.  You can send me angry emails about freedom of speech.  I'll delete those too.


Thanks, and carry on! -Management

(Those first two were blatantly ripped off inspired by Kristen at The Frugal Girl.  Thanks for being awesome!)