Christmas in Statuses

Last week we traveled to North Carolina. I was on an social media fast at the time.  That's not true, I'm just phase-y about posting things from my phone.  "It comes and goes, I wouldn't trust it."  (Name that FRIENDS episode). Here's what I would have posted last week if I were any good at Twitter or Instagram or any kind of social media at all.  I call it, "Christmas in Statuses."

-"I am the parent who put my kid in squeaky shoes and let him run around the airport.  Sorry, not sorry."

-"Madeline, as we are taxiing down the runway:  'Mom, are we BLASTING OFF??!?!?'"

-"I used the same suitcase I used to fill for a week by myself to pack for my family of 4.  Talk about a lifestyle change.  Though don't be too impressed, I just replaced all toiletries with a single can of dry shampoo and a bar of soap.  #parenthood"

-"We've arrived at Grandpa's, where my children will learn of real fire places, giant aquariums, giant televisions, jacuzzis, and electric wheelchairs.  It is a magical place."

-"Dad gave me plane tickets home, fancy boot socks, and my fave Thymes shower gel.  I gave him the flu.  It doesn't matter how old you get, parents still get the raw end of the deal at Christmas."

-"My little brother just woke me up from a too-short nap on the couch by giving me a wet willy.  WHAT YEAR IS THIS?!?"

-"And here we have the beginnings of a 2013 reading list:

 (Not pictured: something by Barbara Kingsolver, Give Them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick, and Help Thanks Wow by Anne Lamott.  Accepting recommendations.)"

-"My dad's lattes put Starbucks to shame.  TO SHAME (and I'm a Starbucks girl).  It will be tough going back.  #Firstworldproblems"

-"Buying Sudafed on vacation.  As they scan my drivers license it occurs to me, they are going to think I'm hopping states to avoid detection.  To whom it may concern, I pinky-promise I'm not making meth.  Just pregnant and perpetually ill."

-"Raleigh is the most beautiful city I've ever lived in."

'"I sometimes giggle when I imagine how our bunch must look to passers by.  Me, largely pregnant, baby in arms, holding the hand of my daughter who is using her long white cane.  Beside us, my dad, either on crutches or in his wheelchair.  We can park ANYWHERE."

-"Sitting with my dad and my husband. Around a fire and a giant box of Godiva truffles.  Sipping cup after cup after cup of tea.  Chatting into the evening while the babies sleep soundly upstairs.  This is the best night; the best, most beautiful night."

Et les photos:

My happy packing elves.
Not quite as happy of elves - clearly the children had reached their travel limit.
Nothing some nice fluffy bubbles can't fix.
They are my dearest loves.
And now you're up to speed.  Hoping your holidays were meaningful, memorable, and sweet.

love! Kate