Chicken Nugget

When Madeline left for school this morning, she had her cane and a backpack. When she came home, she had her cane, a backpack - and a live farm animal.

Why yes, we do live in Alabama. Why do you ask?

She named him Chicken Nugget.

We love Chicken Nugget.

The plan was to keep Chicken Nugget for a few days, then give him to some friends who keeps chickens.

Upon hearing my (apparently uneducated, un-Alabamian) plan, Madeline's teacher said, "Oh, this isn't the kind of chicken you keep!  In about 6 weeks you'll be able to eat him."


There are so many things wrong with that statement.

1. I am not going to keep this bird in my house for a month and a half.

2. I am not going to FEED MY CHILD an animal that she has named.

3. I shudder pulling the gizzards out of the pre-packaged chickens at the store.  Do you really think I'm about to kill, pluck, and clean a live bird?  I'll answer that question for you to eliminate any doubt:  HECK. NO.

No worries, Chicken Nugget, you are safe here.  That is, if a space heater in the bathroom (because we don't have a heat lamp) is considered "safe."

If you need me, I'm busy coming up with "What To Do With A Chicken: Plan B."

Brilliant ideas welcome.