Celebratory Post

I am feeling celebratory today.  Today is no more extraordinary than any other day, really, but I think that gratitude and joy and praise are disciplines to some extent - in that when you practice them, you get better. I am flexing my joy muscles today by celebrating the following: 1. It is tax day.  This is worth celebrating for at least two reasons.  First, we've survived. And second, Maggie Moos is giving out free ice cream sundaes.  Very shortly we'll be taking a bunch of teenagers and a hyped-up toddler to go enjoy them.

2.  Madeline started O&M (orientation and mobility) today.  LOOK OUT WORLD, girl's got a cane! 

This, I think, is what prompted my celebratory mood.  Madeline's instructor is fantastic - she is loud, pushy, patient, and has been doing this job for a long, long time.  She reminds of me of our precious vision teacher, Debbie.  These loud, assertive, vision-teaching-veterans are EXACTLY who you want on your side helping your child. I don't know why it is, but all the best therapists are loud and a bit pushy.  Every. Single.  One.  This scared me at first, but now I seek them out.  A lot of people can hold my hand; but from a therapist I want a challenge; I want the full benefit of their knowledge and experience.  I've got an O&M post in the works - SUCH cool stuff.

3.  We repotted Madeline's mystery plant.  She came home from school last week with this little guy in a cup. 

 When I asked Madeline's teacher what it was, she said,

"Well, there were a lot of seeds that day. It might be a flower. Buuuttt, it might also be a vegetable."

We moved him to a bigger pot today, and I almost let Madeline drown him because watering plants gives her such pleasure. I redirected her to the grass in the nick of time, and set this little dude up to drain in the sun.  I'm pretty positive it's a pea. Great, now I have to figure out how not to kill a pea.

4. Dan is the greatest dad.  He took Madeline to work with him for a little while yesterday, and they returned with Madeline's new best friends.

For those of you who don't have every line of every Veggie Tale video committed to memory, they are VERY CLEARLY Jimmy Gourd and Bob the Tomato.   Dan printed out their faces and taped them to an apple (because 3-year-old+tomato=disaster) and a really cool bird house gourd that I'll get around to painting...someday...in the distant, unforseeable future. 

5.  Spring Break is over and all the teenagers have gone home. 

6.  I am absolutely, totally preoccupied with Passover, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter.  I read the stories and cry, marvel, rejoice.  My insides feel full and gurgley with all kinds of emotions - mostly awe.  We sung this beautiful old African American spiritual at church last night, and the room felt thick.


 Oh, that you could have heard the host of voices singing,

"Oh!  Sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble." 

 There are, of course, a hundred other things to celebrate, but these six are more than enough to blow my mind today.  Tell me, what are you celebrating?

 "Celebration when your plan is working? Anyone can do that. But when you realize that the story of your life could be told a thousand different ways, that you could tell it over and over as a tragedy, but you choose to call it an epic, that's when you start to learn what celebration is. When what you see in front of you is so far outside of what you dreamed, but you have the belief, the boldness, the courage to call it beautiful instead of calling it wrong, that's celebration." [Shauna Niequist, Cold Tangerines]