On my birthday this year:

1. Sam was exactly 3 weeks old.

2. Madeline rode the bus home from school.  She is 3 years old.  She is braver than her mother.

3. I had "Billie Jean" stuck in my head.

4. Dan and I treated ourselves to sandwiches from the store across the street.  You wouldn't know it was open if you weren't local - in fact you wouldn't know it wasn't condemned.  There is a very large man who sits inside watching Jerry Springer on a tiny TV behind the counter, waiting for customers.  And let me tell you - he makes an AWESOME sandwich.  Wonderbread, iceburg lettuce, huge juicy tomatoes, cajun smoked turkey, mayo, mustard, salt & pepper, pickles, onions, etc.  Reminiscent of elementary school brown paper bag lunches, only for grown ups.

5. I resumed my braille homework, which I haven't done since the middle of July.  Oops.

6. We went out as a family.  I told Madeline that her vote would be considered - then she voted for Chuckie Cheese.  'Twas my birthday and I said with authority - "VETO!"

7. I received so many well wishes and kind words that I got a little bit emotional.

8.  I wore white pants.  Bam.

9. My Grandpa Canfield (with whom I share a birthday) called and sang to me on my voicemail. He called me "Mama Kate" and asked about Sam, one of his 34 great grandchildren.   I turned 26, he turned 90.

10. I didn't eat any dessert all day.  BELIEVE ME when I say that will be remedied this weekend.

...seriously, who wants to take me out for dessert?