Beach Week!

Welcome to beach week!  Where you who are vacationless this summer will have it rubbed in your faces that I went to the beach for a whole week get a sweet taste of the ocean just by reading!  This week I'll post a photo and caption per day from our vacation. 

Last Sunday afternoon, we drove straight south to "The Redneck Riviera," also known as Panama City Beach, Florida.  (I plan to write a post titled "In Defense of Alabama" in the near future.)  Pay no mind to the unfortunate nickname - every single day for a week I waded out into the warm, clear water of the Gulf of Mexico, shoulder-deep and still able to see my feet.  There is powdery, white sand clinging to the bottom of my shoes and the insides of all my bags.  My shoulders are covered in freckles.  Heavenly.

Over the course of the week we enjoyed the Travel Channel-featured Thomas Donut Shop, where they sell fresh, handmade donuts that taste so like heaven they can make a grown man cry.  And one evening Dan took me to a restaurant called Firefly.  I'm not sure which was more beautiful:  The giant tree adorned with lights and paper lanterns under which we dined, or the menu.  When our food arrived and I took my first bite, I rolled my eyes in rapture and said to Dan, "This is how a green bean should taste." 

We spent our days oscillating between the beach and the pool.  Madeline played in the sand and floated in the waves.  I ate seafood almost every evening.  I didn't go into labor.  It was a great week. 

The hat, it's positioning, and the glasses were all her choice.  We were, of couse, happy to oblige.  Then she sat just like this in her beach chair for about 30 minutes as if to say, "What, playa?"