Bandwagon Art

This little craft project has been all over the internet, featured on Pinterest and all manner of blogs.


And let's be honest: I'm not above hopping on the bandwagon.  I like bandwagons.

We have a bright yellow room in the back of our house that we call "the play area."  It has three huge windows with glossy white trim, clean white sailcloth curtains, and the room gets great sunlight.  It is full of bright reds, navy blues, and springy greens.  There is a clothesline full of Madeline's art and a big white bookshelf full of puzzles and craft supplies.  It is my favorite room in the house.

One of the perks of having a bright yellow play area (and 2 kids) is that this little beaut matches perfectly - in color and theme.

Here's our before:

And our after!:

As we were outside blow-drying our crayons Madeline and I had the following exchange:

"Madeline, which color is your favorite?"

"The pink ones on the end!  What is  your favorite, Mommy?"

"I like the green ones in the middle."

"The green ones are NOT in the middle, Mommy.  Chartreuse is in the middle."

Okay, Picasso, I stand corrected.  Are you sure you're three?

There are some really cool versions that are a little more adult.  Choose colors that complement a room and remove the crayons after melting them.  Or think gardens!  (Sea corals would be cool too.  That's what my canvas looks like to me.)


"Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment." [Claude Monet]