Bag of Dreams

This post is the last in the "Family Photos" series.  It's also my favorite, the peak of the crescendo if you will.  When Brooke sent me the link to this video I texted her, "I cried."  She texted back, "Me too." Things you'll notice in this video:

1. My son eating Cheerios directly off the ground.

2. Multiple outfit changes - due  to multiple spills.

3. My daughter rubbing soap in my son's eyes.

4. A very messy play room.

5. Unkempt hair.

6. Multiple cups of coffee.  Necessity.

7. Dirty dishes.

It's beautiful anyway.  This is a day of real life (with music and properly lit, so maybe not exactly real life, but about as close as it gets on film.  Way closer than, say, Real Housewives of Atlanta).

Enjoy! -Kate

From Brooke: I photograph weddings for a living. Beautiful, flower-filled, sunlit weddings. A wedding is a wonderful day in someone's life. However, weddings are not daily life. They are instead, planned and perfected for months on end. All that to say, there was something so magical about getting to shoot the daily life of Kate and her family. Every moment from coffee, to play time - from running around in the backyard, to story time was raw and real. And mostly unplanned. It was incredibly inspiring to me. I loved every minute of it.

Video by: Brooke Courtney Music by: Steven Courtney // Sun Hill Market, "Bag of Dreams"

(I think my favorite shot might be Jasper sliding out from under the chair on his back like a total weirdo.)

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