Autumn Ambiance

Quick post to get you in the mood.  (No, I'm not seducing you.  FALL is seducing you. For the last 2 weeks I've resisted the urge to walk outside, lift my arms in victory and shout, "I'm wearing a flingin' flangin' blazer!!!") It's been a while since I've done the list thing.

These artists make my fall better.  I updated my iPod this week and peppered these old favorites in with some new stuff and my never-out-of-season artists for lovely autumn ambiance in my ears:

A Fine Frenzy:  It's the album cover, all the minor keys, and the references to "strong coffee warming up my fingers in this fisherman's house."

The Cranberries:  "Dreams" (in all its early 90s glory) will forever make me want to drive a convertible through Blue Ridge mountains with the top down in the late afternoon sun, walled in by trees, leaves falling, friend in tow, but no talking.  Only riding, hands flying out the window, windblown hair, and fall music.  I think I will add fulfilling this fantasy to my life list.

The Ember Days: "Fingerpainting" reeks of fall.  So ambient and harmonious and lovely. The progressions, crescendos...mmm.

The Honorary Title:  "Far More" is perfect:  "A change in the key feels like a change in the season..."

Dashboard Confessional:  Chris Carrabba gives hope to millions; if you sing  flat and a little off-key?  Who cares!  You too can be a rockstar.  I can only listen to them in the fall, but I'm happy when I get to break them out again.  One fall in college I listened to "Stolen" on repeat for like 3 months, and my heart is swelling just thinking about it.

Brandi Carlile: Because, duh, have you heard her?

I've barely scratched the surface - Derek Webb, The Fray, U2 - all fall front runners.   HERE'S an idea:  how about if you comment with your quintessential fall music.  With our powers combined...can you imagine it?

Oh my gosh I'm already excited about the winter edition.

Other things that are getting us in the mood:

You've GOT to read the back story to these bad boys.  So much blood.  (Click here.)

I would have included a picture of the caramel apples, but I ate them all.  Oops.