Pink Sheets

Recently we've been teaching Madeline about money - that it is a limited resource, and that when we spend it on certain things, we don't have it to spend on other things. Last night she and Dan had a long (for a 3-year-old) chat about why she can't touch Mommy's camera (besides "that's not what it's used for," and "because you need to obey").   Dan told her how many times she'd have to go without ice cream if we had to spend that money to fix the camera. 

Today, as I was making her bed with clean sheets, she sat and watched me, deep in thought.  After a minute or two she said very sincerely,

"Mommy, how much money is it to get pink sheets?"

OH MY WORD.  There is no price too high for you right now, my love.  I will go over the moon to get you pink sheets if that will bring joy to your precious little heart. 

Newsflash, Parents:  Did you know that after you've had the conversation a thousand times, it sticks?  That all the effort, patience, effort, and more effort you put into raising a thoughtful, grateful child pays off? 

In that moment I wanted to give her every pink sheet there ever was. 

This week's lesson might be that, like God, her parents love to give her good gifts.  That we delight in her and rejoice over her.  And that what seems too big a task for her, like buying pink sheets, is not too big for her parents who love her.