The real reason I was so sick? The real reason I've lacked anything even resembling motivation?

The real reason I asked Dan to go get me a cheeseburger at 9:30pm?

I know, right?  YAY!

For now, he/she will be known as wiggle baby, which is a very affectionate name we coined during this ultrasound when our baby showed us what water ballet is all about.  Okay, maybe it was less like water ballet and more like this puppy.

This ultrasound picture was taken mid bicycle kick.  Can you see the feet just a' going?

Wiggle Baby.

Wiggle Baby is due on August first, which happens to be Dan's birthday!  And not that I want to rain on that magical parade or anything, but I'm really, really hoping that I don't go that far into the hot Alabama summer.  I'm a big wuss when the weather turns upwards of 85 degrees.

And now I bring you a little segment called, "Things I Couldn't Post Because No One Knew I Was Pregnant."

I came home after my first doctor's appointment in Alabama and said, "I really like my new OBGYN."  Dan said, "He's hot, isn't he?"**

Megan keeps reminding me that I can get 2 drinks at Starbucks for the price of one pregnancy test. This wisdom is the only thing that's keeping me from taking them every other day.  It's a nice distraction.  Decaf anyone?

Humbled and delighted by how quickly that happened!  Spent the morning jumping, dancing, rejoicing, and praying fervently for dear friends who are still struggling, hoping, and praying for babies.

Scratch the coffee thing; even the smell of it makes me nauseous.  I suspect that was Jesus' way of easing my transition off of caffeine.

I need fried pickles immediately.

Applying stretch mark cream is my new religion.

So far, the worst symptom is fatigue.  But don't get me wrong, when I say fatigue I mean FATIGUE.  I mean I stagger around the house ricocheting from wall to wall, constantly leaning on things to keep myself upright.  Dan is not alarmed to come home and find me snoozing on the living room floor because I just. couldn't. make it. to. the bed.   This baby is an energy vacuum - nay, black hole.  I don't know what he/she is doing in there - growing extra limbs or training for the Iron Man is all I can figure, because I am wiped out.  All the time.

Thank you, little baby, for making food taste better than it ever has before.  I have a heightened sense of everything; eating feels enlightened.  I bite into things (like grapefruits and cheeseburgers and cold grapes and big glasses of skim milk) and fireworks go off in my brain.

No smell is a good smell.  I couldn't even cuddle Madeline today because the smell of shampoo on her hair made my stomach turn.  I've bought new laundry detergent, new fabric softner, new shampoo, new soap, new EVERYTHING.  All super free and clear and organic, with no scents of any kind.  I did meet some very nice hippies at the green store.

I fear I've seen the last of my thin jeans for the next two years.  A moment of silence, please.

MAN it feels good to get that out of my system.

We are joyous, antsy, excited.  We are staying up late talking about names.  We are cooing  as we watch old baby videos of Madeline.  We are blessed beyond measure, and so excited to bring this little one into the world and love him (or her) with abandon.

**Oh, and for the record.  My gynecologist is not hot.