Ambushed (And How You Can Help)

Yesterday I was ambushed.  In the best way. Around lunch I started getting texts from friends that were receiving their Amazon pre-orders in the mail.

Then my friend Heather Instagrammed a picture of the books on the shelf (early!) in Virginia.  I shared it, and the floodgates opened.

ALL YOU AMAZING HUMAN BEINGS started posting and tagging and heading to your local Lifeway stores, and celebrating.  I was BLOWN AWAY.

 photo photo19.jpg
I handled this turn of events not at all by lying on my back on the living room floor and listening to love songs.   I need professional help.

Here is a quick update, what you can expect of the next 2 weeks, and how you can help.

Update:  The books are now in Lifeway stores and in stock on Amazon.  The official release day is still August 1, after that it will be at Barnes & Noble, etc. .  They ARE available for Kindle and Nook.

Now what?:  It's a progressive book release!  Like a progressive dinner only with less drinking and driving!    We are gearing up for August 1 with an amazing giveaway in which we are giving away an iPad, some Amazon gift cards, and autographed copies of the books.  You can enter here:  "Enough" iPad Giveaway

The Survivor Series will continue here for 2 more weeks.  So far we've covered surviving parenting, surviving jealousy, surviving a move, surviving when you're not "doing what you love," and surviving by LAUGHING.   Still to come:  surviving break ups, surviving faith, surviving "The News," and the things that carry us through - like music, community, and beach vacations.  Tomorrow's post is about hope.  You can read all the posts here:  Survivor Series

There will be quite a few blogger reviews and giveaways going up in the coming weeks, too!  I can't even.  I will be sharing links to them on Facebook and Twitter.  If you don't follow me there, now is a good time to start!    (Facebook.   Twitter.)

So many of you have asked how you can help.  This blesses me in ways you cannot even know.  Here are some practical things you can do that would be the most helpful.

Write an honest review, anything you say would be helpful.  Amazon reviews are particularly helpful.

Share the book on social media.   The more the merrier.  I'd love to see pictures of you with it, or of how and where you're sitting down to read.  Breakfast table?  Nap time?  Airplane?  Evening on the porch?  Feel free to share quotes that you enjoy; I'd love it if you did.  Use the hashtag!  Include #10Things in your captions and comments, it will be amazing to see them all.

I bookmarked this article last year because it was spot on:  10 Ways to Help Your Favorite Author.  It's a quick read that gets it right.

Mostly, just THANK YOU.  I am humbled and stunned and doing a lot of dancing and praying and lying on the floor.  This is not for me, this is FOR YOU.  It is my great, big, audacious prayer that everyone who is supposed to read this book will read it.  Thanks for helping me tell everyone about it.

And to all a good night. ***Turns up Ben Rector/John Legend/Coldplay/Colibe/Ingrid/Sara B./ALL THE SOUNDTRACKS*** Kate