A Love Letter To Georgia (Guest Post, Mattie Tiegreen)

While I am out of town working at Sports Camp this week, some of my favorite people are holding down the blog fort for me.  Show them love.   Today’s post is from Mattie Tiegreen, who blogs at Somethings.  

Here's what you should know about Mattie:

1. She's stylish.

2. She's stylish.

3. She's stylish.

4. She's really, really nice.

I'm jealous of inspired by her wardrobe, her house, her small business, and her blog.  Enjoy!


Kate and I have known each other since we both donned a coral bridesmaid dress in a sweet friend's wedding years ago here in Georgia. You all know Kate as a witty, charming, rather hilarious mother of two. But, when I met her, she was just - well - a witty, charming, rather hilarious, engaged gal with the perfect head of thick hair. We haven't seen each other since that special day, but I have kept up with Kate's life through her blog almost daily. I rejoiced when Madeline (Kate has great taste in baby names, obviously) was born, cried over my keyboard reading about their struggles with her vision, and feel chills when I read of her never-wavering trust in God's bigger plan for her life.

Kate's giveaway for my paper shop Puddleduck Paper Co. graced me with hundreds upon hundreds of new followers and supporters, for which I am forever grateful. I am a very passionate special education teacher by day and a paper designer by night - the new traffic brings me one step closer to my dream of making Puddleduck my full-time adventure. So, when Kate asked me to guest post while she's away this week, I was not only glad to repay the favor, but jumped at the chance. Since Kate and I are both proud southerners (most days), I thought I'd make light of Dixieland with a little letter to the great state of Georgia.

I must admit that I have not one inkling of a southern accent and I would choose brunch over football any day. Criminal, I know.

Happy Monday to you! MT