What I'm craving today:

Mangoes & Dr. Pepper

I've been having a mango  every day.  I'm certain our child is floating around in mango-flavored amniotic fluid. 

What I'm working on today:

A very cool dresser for little Mr. Conner. 

(After.)  Chromed out & firehouse ready. "How do I get up there?"


Planning and ordering VBS crafts.

I'm also working on the church newsletter, which was delegated to me a few months ago.  Probably because I've done such an awesome job as the Executive Board Memeber, except for when I forgot about last month's meeting until 2 days after it happened.  Oops. 

Something I noticed today:

What I'm listening to today:


Counting Crows, Matt Wertz, Adele, and Paul Simon.  Because it's summer, that's why.  I'm also still being serenaded by the mythical locusts.  I stood under one of our trees while I was outside painting, and without moving I counted 28 shells clinging to the leaves and branches.  Jasper has lunged headlong into the window more than once chasing a locust buzzing by. 

What I'm reading today:

Psalm 16: "Apart from you I have no good thing..."

Operating Instructions, A Journal of My Son's First Year: "It feels like I'm baby-sitting in the Twilight Zone. I keep waiting for the parents to show up because we are out of chips and Diet Cokes."

The Giving Tree: "Once there was a tree...and she loved a little boy."

Perkins Goes Out: "A raindrop fell on his umbrella.  It made a wet, bouncy sound. Then another raindrop fell. Perkins Panda tried to count the raindrops, but so many splashed around him he lost count, so he started listening. The forest was singing with raindrops."  (How cute are their canes?)

How pregnant I am today: 30 weeks.  For those of you who do not speak pregnant that means:  It is exceedingly difficult to shave my legs, impossible to paint my toes.  I'm still able to roll over at night, but I have to be at least semi-conscious.  I feel about the size of an adolescent African elephant.  I felt a limb for the first time last week.  Not just a kick, roll, or general mass of baby, but I pressed on my belly and I felt a leg bend.  It was such an awesome thing that now I sit around prodding at my abdomen all the time hoping to discern feet and knees and buns.  I imagine it's quite disorienting for him - every so often his atmosphere starts kneading him like a lump of dough. 

Who I'm snuggling today:

Happy Monday to you!