Naptime Prayers

Madeline's nap time prayer today: "Thank you Jesus for all the birds.  For the blue birds, and red birds, and green birds, and brown birds, and yellow birds.  Thank you for Chuck E. Cheese.  Thank you for "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes."  Thank you for the library.  Amen."

Have I ever been prouder?


I recognize that the link I'm about to post is horrifying.  I mean - truly scary.  But you can't appreciate the hilariousness of my latest Madeline video until you've seen it. Here's the NutriGrain commercial that, mercifully, I never saw on television.  (You can see the crazy in his eyes.)


I'm sorry you had to see that - but I promise this next one is redemptive.  Here is my ham of a daughter - who has apparently heard Dan and I quoting the commercial more than once.


YEAAAHHH, babies!  Babies everywhere!

*sigh*  Well, at least she's up to date on her pop-culture references.


Why yes, this IS my third 4th of July post. But you'd post too if you had something this precious to share!

Since we received Madeline's Dx in 2008 - we've been waiting for the day that she can TELL US what she sees; for the last two years I've been wondering how our little one perceives the world around her.  And then I blinked, and here we are!  If you ever wondered how a two-year-old with vision loss understands the world - here is a bit of commentary from Madeline herself.


Fireworks were an awesome multi-sensory experience!  You can hear them, smell them, feel them, and see them!  And what great high-contrast: bright lights in the pitch-black sky.

On our first Fourth of July in Huntsville we SERIOUSLY underestimated the traffic.  We ran into a stand-still on the highway about 6 miles away from the fireworks themselves, s0 we pulled off the road and watched from an exit ramp.  We weren't alone - easily 50 other people along our little stretch of road enjoyed them with us.

And here are a few pictures of Madeline and her new friend, Daisy, whom she met this holiday.

Now, onto post-Fourth of July living!